Summer Dresses For Every Body Type Under $100

1. The Pear: Try something that won’t cling to your lower body like this Topshop sundress. This attention grabbing top shifts the focus up.
However, you should still always expose your legs.
Flaunt what your momma gave you!
46.00 UK  

2. Petite and athletic: A mini, bodycon dress is the dress for you.
The v-neck helps to create a bigger bust while the texture adds a little fullness to the dress.
You could even add a cute belt to cinch your waist.

3. Hourglass: An elongating v-neck with a flared skirt is the best dress for you.
A belt added to this ASOS dress would cinch your waist, creating even more of an hourglass figure.
Don’t forget to show off your shoulders!

4.  Busty: Try thick straps on your dresses in order to be able to wear the appropriate undergarment.

Also, try to stick to one shade.
This adorable Loft dress is the perfect summer dress for you!


5. Apple: Keep it simple, black is your best friend.
A loose fit that doesn’t cling is always best.
This ASOS dress is loose over your mid-section but still allows you to be sexy and show some skin with the one shoulder.

6. Broad Shoulders: A peplum-skirted dress is for you!
This Lulu’s dress creates width in the model’s lower body to even out her body line.
Lucky you, they’re the latest fashion trend too!


7. Short Legs: This super cute LOFT maxi dress creates the illusion of longer legs.
The drawstring center is an added bonus that makes them seem even longer!

8. Small Chested: Pleating and ruffles up top can create volume and make your chest appear bigger.
This Urban Outfitters sundress is perfect.
You can dress it up with a blazer and heels or keep it casual with cute sandals.

9. Short Torso: An A-line dress that will give the illusion of a longer torso.
This adorable blue dress can be found at Francesca’s Boutique in Pittsburgh.


*Share some of your summer fashion finds with us!


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