Engagements & Weddings 2013 Style

Engagement season is in full effect, as thousands of women said “yes” over the holiday. If you’re one of them, congratulations!  Now that there’s a ring on it, it’s time to start planning your special day! Here are some tips to help you get started.

Engagement Party

Getting you family and friends together to share in your happiness and formally announce your engagement is one of the first things that you’ll want to do. These ideas will help you to throw the perfect soiree!

1. Take a break from the ordinary! No need to host a formal party at a ballroom or banquet hall. Meeting your family and close friends at one of your favorite local bar, lounge or restaurant. This is a fun and easy way of sharing your special moment with loved ones.

2. Keep it small. Your engagement party does not have to be the same size of your wedding. Limit your guest list to local family and close friends. If you do not want to invite your guest to the nuptials, chances are they should not be on the engagement party guest list. Keep it simple, small and chic.

3. Do it your way! If you and your fiancée want a theme party, go for it! Have a backyard barbecue, masquerade party, or a luau! No matter what the theme is, just go all out and have fun with it.

The Wedding

Now it’s time for the fun to really start! It’s time to pick WHEN you want to marry the love of your life! It’s time to set a date. When you are starting to mark your calendars, be mindful of the following:

1. Holidays and relatives birthdays. Try to avoid these dates at all cost, your special day should be just that, YOUR special day. You run the risk of exclusion otherwise.

2. Seasons. If you are planning a wedding outdoors or even a destination wedding, be mindful of what can be expected weather-wise and be prepared. You may need to rent a tent, purchase umbrellas for the bridal party, etc.


If you are planning to have your wedding here in Pittsburgh (and planned by Style & Steel, wink), please find a list of fabulous places in and around the city that will suit your needs. This list includes venues such as the Heinz History Center, the Children’s Museum and Morning Glory Inn and other stunning locations for your wedding.

Yes to the Dress!

Ladies, the moment you have been waiting for! Picking out the perfect dress! Now that it’s 2013 the ‘here comes the bride all dressed in WHITE’ concept is becoming a thing of the past. Now, dresses are more colorful, sexier, and lengths are getting shorter.  Here are some of the latest trends to look out for  (and for more click here):

color engagement lace engagement peplum engagement slit engagement

Finally, for your bridal party to look fierce, (but certainly not as fierce as you, the bride), here are a couple of looks to consider when choosing the perfect complimentary dresses (find these trends and more by clicking ):

one shoulder engagement JLM BRIDAL SS13 NEW YORK 04/16/12

Happy Planning and  if you need a stylish touch, just contact us!

~ With Style


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