Meet the Owner of Camille’s Closet: from Atlanta to New York Fashion Week

What an incredible week for fashion! It’s Day 5 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the runways are still erupting with glamor and high fashion for Spring/Summer 2014.  Event producers have not disappointed and various events are convening the who’s who in fashion from all around the world.

Our Style Scoop International correspondent, Wadria, attended an invitation only Lexus event at Milk Studios and had a one one-one-chat with Aaren Camille, Owner and Stylist of Camille’s Closet, an Atlanta based boutique. On opening day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, her private label nail polish “Camille’s Nail Colour” was adorned by models in Nicky Zimmermann’s fashion show, one of Australia’s most influential fashion designers. Get the full scoop here!

Aaren Camille, Owner of Camille’s Closet


Models prepare to grace the runway for the Zimmermann Fashion Show

How did you get involved with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

My boutique’s nail color line Camille’s Colour sponsored the Zimmermann fashion show. We created a custom color specifically for her fashion show.


Models wore a custom nail color created by Camille’s Closet in the Zimmermann Fashion Show


A Zimmermann model in waiting wearing the custom nail color created by Camille’s Closet

Tell us about your company?

Camille’s Closet is a concept boutique located in Atlanta, Georgia. We carry chic accessories and fashion for feminine and dainty girls. Our nail polish line was launched just this year.

How did you get started in the fashion business?

I attended American Intercontinental University and studied Business and Marketing. After completing my final project which was a business plan for a fashion business, my professor encouraged me to launch it. Camille’s Closet was launched  December 2010.

Where do you see Camille’s Closet in 10 years?

I’d like to be a national brand…I’d also like to branch into creating lipsticks.

Who is your favorite designer?

I admire Jessica Simpson’s business savvy and versatility.

What advice do you give to other women who want to own their own fashion business?

Try different things to figure out your passion and take it one day at a time.


Stylish Hair Trends 2013

As we approach the end of the first month of 2013 everyone is asking what are going to be the top trends for hair this year.  There are a lot of experts out there saying many different things but they never know what exactly is going to take off.  They are consistently agreeing on a few trends to take hold and sweep the world.

  1. The pixie cut.  With actresses and singers alike going towards this trend close to the end of 2012 it is no surprise to stylists to see more and more people requesting the short cut.  The cut was extremely popularized by Anne Hathaway who had a lot of exclaim from fans and media alike after she cut off all of her famously long locks for her role in Les Miserables.
    1113-anne_hathaway_pixie_haircut_bd.jpg(Image from: Glamour)
  2. Platinum Blonde.  Another trend that top stylists see become extremely popular is the platinum blonde color.  This color is very bright and light, it almost seems white.  Platinum blonde is a statement hair color and is very hard to achieve especially if you have natural dark hair.  This color won’t be seen on many people but there will be many attempts.  This color trend was made famous last year by actress and singer Miley Cyrus after her drastic cut and color.
    miley-cyrus-sept7(Image from: Ok Magazine)
  3. Braids.  Braids will also be a big trend this year.  It won’t be the big bulky french braids you remember your mom doing to you when you were a kid.  Smaller braids going back into a ponytail or bun are going to be very popular.  Of course, those french braids won’t  be forgotten with movies like The Hunger Games with its main character being a strong woman with long hair that she always braids back the trend will stay around for a while. And Pittsburgh ladies, if your hair isn’t long enough to pull into these types of braids look into getting extensions from LaLa’s Salon in East Liberty.
    hbz-hair-trends-ss13-braids-lgn(Image from: from: The Huffington Post)
  4. Vintage Style.  With a lot of old movies becoming new again in 2013 a lot of the vintage styles are going to be coming back.  Kate Middleton already is giving a nod to the ‘70s with her updated version of the Farrah Flip.  Other styles that could be coming back reflect from the ‘60s in the new The Great Gatsby movie coming out this year.
    kate-middleton-new-hair-cut-113721_L(Image from: from: People Magazine)
  5. Pastels.  We have all seen it. The bright colors in the hair but this year they are going to gain an even bigger hold on hair trends.  The dipped look of just dipping the ends of the hair in pastel or bright colors is going to be very popular.  It is also becoming easier to do without having to go through the dangerous process of bleaching your hair which is why it’s gaining so much popularity.  You can change it all the time and not make it nearly as permanent.Nicki Minaj seen outside Wendy Williams show in New York City
           (Image from: The Glamourous Life)

We have included some pictures of other celebrities already rocking these styles, could you picture yourself in one?

aburke_gl_29feb12_xp_bpix_emma_watson_16er974-16er9etlauren-conrad-rainbow-hair70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsRihanna-New-Hairstyle--Hair-Extensions-With-Undercut-And-Dip-Dyegty-158917499-3_4_r536_c534
(Top Row Left to Right Image from: Glamour, Yahoo!, Allure)
(Bottom Row Left to Right Image from: Huffington Post,, USAToday)